Mario Moussa, author of Committed Teams

Mario Moussa, a lecturer in Wharton’s Executive Education program and co-author of Committed Teams: Three Steps to Inspiring Passion and Performance, recently had a unique opportunity to observe the formation and success – or failure – of teams. He and his co-authors ran Wharton students through a week-long, intensive business simulation, where teams of people with no previous context or knowledge of each other must work together to achieve a goal.

The Outthinker Process

The Outthinker Process® is a unique strategic framework design for the digital, agile, purpose-driven world. This refined and proven strategic methodology reveals disruptive growth strategies, helps organizations achieve company-wide strategic clarity, accelerates growth rates 100-120%, and, most importantly, builds a culture and organizational habits of innovative thinking.

Ellen Auster

Our ideas make no difference if we cannot get others – our colleagues, partners, bosses, investors – to embrace them.

Michele Landon of EY

Michele Landon has helped drive the development of multiple new service offerings from within Ernst & Young. She and her colleague, Ross Parket, break down some of the key challenges and opportunities internal innovators must take on to build new businesses inside businesses

Dr. John Camillus

Dr. John Camillus, professor of strategy and former Associate Dean at the Katz Graduates School of Business at the University of Pittsburg and author of Wicked Strategies ( has spent two decades studying the challenge of building strategy in fast-paced, complex, and uncertain environments and helping clients do so.