Mario Moussa: Committed Teams

The leadership skills you have learned assume you aspire to build a "built to last organization." But we are evolving into a new era in which success depends more on small, temporary organization: teams that form, achieve a mission, then dismantle and reconfigure.

Mario Moussa, a lecturer in Wharton’s Executive Education program and co-author of Committed Teams: Three Steps to Inspiring Passion and Performance, recently had a unique opportunity to observe the formation and success – or failure – of teams. He and his co-authors ran Wharton students through a week-long, intensive business simulation, where teams of people with no previous context or knowledge of each other must work together to achieve a goal.

Research shows that the highest-performing teams will focus on the following three factors right from the beginning:

Goals: the team discusses and agrees on its goals or mission
Roles: the team agrees on who will play what roles on the team
Norms: the team establishes a set of norms that define the culture of the team